Stunning Orangeries & Roof Lanterns

Add light and space to your home with bespoke orangeries by Spectrum.

We’re often asked, ‘what is an orangery?’ or ‘how’s an orangery different to a traditional conservatory?’ Spectrum’s orangeries come in a range of traditional and contemporary designs to suit your home. With each of our orangeries, you will find impressively high ceilings to maximise space, thick pillars that provide both grandeur and privacy.

Orangery Sky Lanterns & Replacement Glazing

Most orangeries contain a roof lantern. We install the stylish upvc or aluminium Ultrasky lantern in Essex homes. It’s perfect for any size and is easy to install. The Ultrasky Lantern uses bespoke double glazed roof panels. High-quality double glazing is one of the benefits of an orangery by Spectrum. Installing this roof lantern creates a space you can use all year round. It also makes your single story extension much cheaper to heat.

Use Your Orangery Extension All Year Round

We use Smartglass in our roof lanterns. Smartglass is available in four different tints, is self-cleaning and heat retentive. An energy efficient roof is the most important aspect of installing an orangery. As heat rises, an extension loses warmth through the roof lantern glass. So installing an efficient roof lantern is a priority when considering orangery designs.

Thermal efficiency works both ways. During warm summers, the heat retentive roof glass makes sure that your new extension doesn’t get too hot. It does this by reflecting heat away from your orangery conservatory roof. This makes the temperature much more consistent than a traditional conservatory.

Heating a conservatory in winter can be a daunting task. There are options to adjust aspects of an existing orangery. For example, you can install roof blinds or underfloor heating. However, the results are always mixed and are usually pricey. If you have an older conservatory in your home, a replacement roof may be the solution. This way, you can create that coveted ‘all year round’ extension.

Design Your Dream Living Space Extension

Insulated Lighting Pelmets

Insulated lighting pelmets are modern and stylish. They are a creative way to modernize your orangery. The insulated lighting pelmet is more than visually pleasing. It also keeps the space between your conservatory windows and roof insulated. This helps the already efficient roof lantern perform to an even higher standard. An insulated lighting pelmet sits on the perimeter of your roof lantern. The number of lights and there positioning are up to you. Learn more about insulated lighting pelmets here.

Loggia Columns

Most customers choose insulated columns over existing brickwork. Super insulated columns outperform existing brickwork by up to five times. If thermal efficiency is a priority for your home, choose super insulated columns. Like our roof lanterns, they’re made in our Clitheroe factory. This makes super insulated columns faster to install than brickwork. The columns are available in over 200 RAL colours. This means that you can personalize your orangery design to your preferences.


An optional extra for guttering is to install the orangery roof cornice. Adding a cornice hides end caps and creates a unique orangery design. Cornices can be added to any single story extension. The conservatory cornice is available in four different styles and designs. It’s also compatible with both small orangeries and larger extensions.

10 Year Guarantee Promise

All Ultraframe installations come with a 10-year guarantee. In the unlikely event that anything does go wrong, we’re here to help. With a dedicated aftercare team, we’ll have your orangery repaired as soon as possible. An Ultraframe warranty covers you on most elements of your orangery. This includes replacement roof lantern glass and components.

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